What can you make with a Dress Manikin?

Manikins for sale

Most of us envied the body, style and fashion of supermodels. And who can compete with them? Enter a dress mannequin and they have the perfect height, body proportion and posing that will surely equaled or even outmatched even America’s Next Top Models. Artists and even models alike have been known to become obsessed with these mannequins and that obsession lead to the perfect creation of dress mannequins.  The dress mannequin evolved from wood to plaster to plastic to wax to fiberglass full size realistic form. The lightening and cheapening of the body parts to assemble in gravity-defying poses were perfected by the modern technology. As a sales tool for clothes, mannequins have always tended to be taller than the average woman (clothes look better on tall and slim people, designers say), with exaggeratedly long legs and necks, small waists and high bust. It’s a blowout size of the famous doll of all, The Lovable Barbie Doll. A dress mannequin is a life size doll use by artist, designers, dressmakers and window dressers to display or fit clothing. And do I need to mention that dress mannequins are used as a clothes hanger of the rich and famous in their homes. If you are looking for something that stops customers in their cars or grab their attention to sell your products then use a full figure realistic dress mannequins. There are many available mannequins for sale in the market today and price varies according to quality, style and materials used.

Figure and Parts

The realistic Full Figure Dress Mannequins come in 10 different poses with so many wig choices and accessories to match. Available figures come in different configuration to match fashion and fair it with the style of clothings. It includes other parts such as heads, legs, butt, arms and hands for jewelries and even hairstyles to match clothing. Lets us discussed the 10 most common figures and poses of dress mannequin that are used in display advertising.

  1. Anatomically Correct Flesh Tone Full Size Male Torso Pants Form
  2. Brazilian Pants Form for Female
  3. Female Jeans Display Form with Hanging Loop
  4. Male Jeans Display Form with Hanging Loop
  5. Female Leg Form in White Right Leg Crossed
  6. Male Leg Form in White Right Leg Not Cross
  7. Flesh Tone Plastic Mannequin Female Leg Form
  8. Flesh Tone Plastic Mannequin Male Leg Form
  9. Plus Size Female Pants Form in White or Tan
  10. Plus Size Male Pants Form in White or TanDress Mannequin

Dress Mannequin Types

  1. Female Mannequins
  2. Male Mannequins
  3. Headless Mannequins
  4. Abstract Mannequins
  5. Ethnic Mannequins
  6. Sport Mannequins
  7. Sexy Mannequins
  8. Plus Size Mannequins
  9. Maternity Mannequins
  10. Flexible Mannequins
  11. Child Mannequins



Dress mannequins are available at major mannequin stores and most stores offers huge selection of dress manikins for sale. If you are fascinated with these lovely and perfect inanimate objects made of wax, plastics or fiberglass then grab it now. And let your envy serve as a motivation to reduce weight and achieve that supermodel body.

The Best Methods of Effective Marketing for Boosting Company Sales

The online and off line marketing process

 Marketing is one of the chief necessities for the good sales of the products and services offered by the company. There are 2 main modes of marketing – online and off line. The online marketing mode includes the proper internet marketing of the services and products offered by the commercial organizations. The off line marketing mode is the manual marketing done by the company employees by adapting various effective methods. There are local as well as global marketing procedures adopted by the corporate belonging to all types of industrial fields round the world. Skilled employees are hired by the companies for both these marketing procedures.

Effective Marketing

Online marketing

Today is the age of the internet. Online marketing or internet marketing is the process by which the products are publicized via the web site to the local as well as the global customers. It is the cheapest as well as fastest marketing mode. The following are the popular types of online marketing:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Keyword marketing
  • Image based marketing
  • Marketing chat sessions and forums

The above mentioned marketing methods are the simplest methods with the help of which the services and products offered by the company reach millions of customers across the globe.

The off line marketing

There are two main types of offline marketing- direct marketing and indirect marketing. Each of this type can be in turn be classified into local marketing and international marketing. Direct marketing involves the door to door marketing of the products offered by the companies. It involves direct interactions with the customers and the clients. Indirect marketing involves the marketing method with the help of advertisement, banner, TV advertisements and much more. The magazine and the newspaper advertisements also form major part of it.

The advertisements

The advertisements are one of the major marketing modes for boosting the sales of the services and the products offered by various companies round the world. There are advertisements in the journals, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, etc. These advertisements make people aware of the latest products launched by the companies for the public. The latest discount rates are also displayed vividly on those advertisement pages for the people in particular territories. These are very effective methods or modes of local as well as international marketing in a short period of time.